100 Club 2018-19

 10 monthly draws per year

Get your application from an RDA volunteer or at the Saddle Club. Contact us for more information.

All proceeds to RDA Bedale Group

£10 per ticket

10 monthly draws

£25 and £15 prize each month

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

100 Club Rules:

  1. The purpose of the Riding for the Disabled Bedale Group 100 Club is to raise funds for that Group, registered charity number 1074263 and the sole income will be from sales of shares.
  2. The name of the draw is the 100 Club regardless of the number of shares.
  3. The 100 Club will be administered by a person from the group, appointed as Promoter by the Trustees.
  4. At least 40% of the income will be set aside as the Prize fund and will be paid out in prizes during the year.
  5. Membership of the 100 Club will be open to anybody aged 16 or over.
  6. A Purchaser of a share becomes a member of the club.
  7. Participants are entitled to hold any number of shares.
  8. Each share shall be allocated a unique number of which members will be informed & the Group reserves the right to reallocate any number where payment has not been received.
  9. All shares purchased in a calendar month will be included in the next month’s draw, which will take place on the first RDA Session of each calendar month.
  10. The subscription for each share is £10 per share payable annually.
  11. Under no circumstances can subscriptions be refunded.
  12. One prize of £25 and one prize of £10 per month will be paid out 10 times in the year – excluding April and August. The draw will begin when 50% of the shares have been sold.
  13. The Draw will operate under the Gambling Act 2005 Small Lotteries. Registration number 70/01 with Richmondshire District Council.
  14. The Chair of Riding for the Disabled Bedale Group will, in the first instance, determine any dispute. An appeal can be made to the Trustees of the Group, whose decision shall be final.
  15. RDA Bedale Group may amend or vary the rules of the 100 Club at any time. The rules will be posted on the RDA Bedale Group website.
  16. The results will be published monthly on our website and displayed at the Catterick Garrison Saddle Club.
  17. The winner’s cheque will be sent out to the last known address held by the Group. It is the responsibility of the member to advise us of any change of address. Any prize cheque not cashed within 6 months will be deemed a donation to the Group.
  18. The 100 Club administrators will make all reasonable efforts to pay out the prizes within a reasonable time after the monthly draw.
  19. The Group reserves the right to wind up the 100 Club at one month’s notice. If at the end of that time there are any funds in the Prize Fund, they will be distributed pro-rata to the holder of each paid share, or if they wish to not receive this, will be treated as a donation to the Group.
  20. All personal information will be held confidentially by the Trustees and will not be used for any purposed other than the operation of the 100 Club.


Thank you – please address any queries in the first instance to the Promoter of 100 Club:

Charmaine Fletcher (Treasurer) Tel: 01969 625995   E-mail: cslf@live.co.uk